Aesthetic regulations may change, Empire have you covered.

The Nervousness Surrounding Aesthetics...

The Aesthetics industry has grown exponentially over the last 10 years becoming one of the fastest growers worldwide boasting over £50 billion pound of market wealth covering both Medical and Non-Medical Aestheticians. 

Despite such growth there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the information aspiring aestheticians often receive regarding what can and can't be achieved as an Aesthetics professional. At Empire Academy of Aesthetics, as well as training thousands of amazing students every year, we strive to debunk any false information surrounding such an amazing industry, allowing people to thrive in such an independent profession. 

The biggest misconception within the Aesthetics industry is that you need to be a medic to start a career in injectables including the likes of Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections. Not only is such narrative completely untrue but it can sometimes deter students from training not just with us here at Empire, but in the industry in general.

A large proportion of students who train in the industry are in fact non medics, speaking from experience with our own academy, have gone on to become extremely successful in the industry, creating successful business and working for large Aesthetics organisations. Moulding such independent and successful individuals is something we specialise in here at Empire Academy of Aesthetics by offering the highest quality training you can imagine from an Aesthetics academy.

With tutors boasting decades of experience, 5 star facilities and equipment, in-depth course study material and fantastic relationships with industry leading insurers. All of which are essential to allow students to qualify feeling confident and more importantly offering safe practise to their clients. 

Granted, there are some rogue Aestheticians out there who can ruin it for other people in the industry but it is important not to tarnish the majority due to the actions of individuals. In the most part, Aestheticians are professional hard working individuals are highly motivated to offer the best possible service to their clients in the safest manner possible. 

On a regular basis, we get people coming to us to discuss how they trained with other academies and left feeling nervous, confused and with a lack of confidence when it comes to the treatments they learnt. It truly cannot be stressed enough the importance of choosing the right academy of your training. Aesthetics boasts a host of truly amazing invasive products that cannot be taken lightly when administering. The training that is received in Aesthetics will reflect on the treatments that is provided to clients, where safety is of the upmost importance. 

Here at Empire Academy of Aesthetics we offer a 5 star rated Pathway to Aesthetics course which offers 9 CPD accredited qualifications to get our students into the world of Aesthetics.  With over 30 hours worth of pre course material we make sure our students know all of the key theory fundamentals of the qualifications provided on the course. Over 90% of the people who train with us at Empire Academy of Aesthetics have a interest in injectables and strive to be able to offer their own clients amazing sought after treatments such as Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle Injections, which are included in our course. The course offers 60 hours worth of in house training starting with the key theory aspects injectables as well as other important areas. With models also provided for practical training our students get ample opportunity to gain their confidence under the supervision of our extremely experienced tutors who are patient and understanding. When you train with Empire Academy of Aesthetics, the support doesn't stop there, we provide students with the ultimate after course support mechanism including Facebook support groups, WhatsApp groups where students talk to each other, guiding them on different experiences. 

In a nutshell... If you are a aspiring Aesthetician who wants to pursue a career in a evert expanding, fantastic industry, extremely lucrative industry with so many benefits... Don't Be Scared. We offer OfQual ready Aesthetics courses for if any regulations were to change. This means that if you were required to complete further training, you would receive the amount you have paid on previous courses off your new OfQual training course (commencing 26th October 2023).

Be sure to research, academies, treatments, insurance, cost & profit to be sure that Aesthetics is the right industry for you and do not be scared to ask questions. Starting a new career can be a huge step for anyone and this is no different... Contact Empire Academy of Aesthetics at for ultimate guidance and complete transparency when it comes to starting a career in Aesthetics.

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