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Advanced Dermal Fillers Course

Advanced Dermal Fillers Course

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Empire Aesthetics Academy is proud to offer our Advanced Dermal Filler course as a follow up to our Lip Augmentation Course which is a important progression in the Dermal Filler world which our students find imperative to the further success of their clinics. Our Advanced Dermal Fillers is just one of over 30 aesthetics courses and beauty courses we have to offer across our 3 state of the art training academies.

Advanced Dermal Filler training greatly expands the range of treatments our students can offer their clients. The course expands further on the skills learnt during our Lip Injection course and will allow successful students to add 3 exclusive dermal filler areas to their aesthetic portfolio. Not only that but Advanced Dermal Fillers offers students the chance to further their injection techniques to offer different but amazing results to their clients in order to stand out from other aesthetic practitioners. 

The three different areas include Cheeks, Jaw and Chin Filler which offer students a new challenge in injectables and develop key techniques learnt in the lip injection course.  The chosen areas requiring an improved skillset and different techniques throughout the treatments. All three areas in the Advanced course are extremely sought after within the industry offering our students a huge amount of clientele with a even larger profit margin to Foundation. The treatments can take longer than lip augmentation and nasolabial folds, however often require more product meaning the treatments can cost considerably more than a Lip Injection treatment. 

The Advanced Dermal Fillers training course DOES require a qualification in our Basic Dermal Fillers course which covers Lip augmentation and nasolabial folds to be able to undertake the course. Be sure to check out this course if you wish to progress further onto advanced. Our Lip Injection course is the beginning of what can be a amazing journey through dermal filler training and essential to any aspiring aesthetic practitioner who is serious about dermal fillers.



  • Facial Anatomy & Physiology / Facial Danger Zones
  • Consultation
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Consent Forms
  • Treatment Information
  • Before & Afters
  • Injection Techniques
  • Safety & Hygiene
  • Indications and Contra-Indications
  • Risks, Side Effects & Complications
  • Realistic Expectations With Treatments & Product Performance
  • How To Obtain Aesthetic Insurance With Insync Insurance Company
  • Legality of Dermal Fillers
  • Practical Work
  • Corrective Work



  • Cheek Augmentation
  • Jawline Contouring
  • Chin Shaping Injections

Cheek Augmentation using dermal filler injections is a popular cosmetic procedure aimed at enhancing facial volume and contour. As people age, they often lose volume in their cheeks, which can result in a sunken or flat appearance. Dermal fillers provide a non-surgical option to restore this lost volume, lift the cheeks, and improve the overall facial structure, contributing to a more youthful and rejuvenated look.

Jawline Contouring are a popular non-surgical procedure aimed at enhancing the definition, symmetry, and overall appearance of the jawline. This cosmetic treatment involves the strategic placement of dermal fillers along the mandible (lower jaw) to create a more chiseled, youthful, or balanced facial structure. Jawline contouring is favored by both men and women who seek a stronger jawline without undergoing invasive surgery.

Chin Shaping Injections are a popular non-surgical method for enhancing the shape and profile of the chin, creating a more balanced and proportionate facial appearance. This cosmetic procedure involves injecting dermal fillers into strategic areas of the chin to improve its projection, contour, and symmetry. Chin augmentation with fillers can significantly impact the overall aesthetic of the face by helping to balance other facial features and improve the jawline.



For those without qualifications, do not worry as we have our AMAZING CPD Accredited Fast Track to Injectables training course which can offer complete beginners the chance to train in our Lip Augmentation course & Foundation Anti Wrinkle Injections amongst a whole host of other qualifications.

Alternatively, we recently introduced our in Dermal Filler Package which is perfect to students looking to spearhead their career as a Aesthetic Practitioner.



For those wanting to train in even more areas, we offer our amazing CPD Accredited Expert Fillers training course which covers Nose & Teartrough filler areas. Again, you will need your Lip Augmentation Course qualification to be able to undertake this course.

Interested in this course, but don't have the qualifications to start? Our Pathway to Aesthetics course offers students the opportunity to start from the very beginning and progress directly into advanced aesthetics



Dermal Fillers are made from sterile and transparent gel based cross-linked non-animal synthetic hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance present in the human body. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid in derma fillers mimics the natural hyaluronic acid already present in the human body.

Dermal Fillers utilize an innovative spherification technology, which smoothes Hyaluronic Acids’ traditionally angular rhomboid molecular structure, leading to smoother, more natural results, which can last 6 –12 months.

However, it is important to emphasize that the effect is very individual and can vary depending on the skin type, age*, treated area and possible previous treatments in the same area. A follow-up of the treatment can contribute to prolonging the effect of the initial treatment.

Although hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the (skin) dermis, its injection may in very rare cases provoke undesired reactions such as hematoma, necrosis, pigmentation and granuloma. After a treatment, certain reactions of short duration can occur. Common and expected reactions are skin redness, tenderness and swelling or pain in the treated area. These inconveniences may last from one hour up to a week. After treatment the patient should avoid strenuous exercise and protect the treated area from intense sunlight and extreme temperatures.

There are a variety of different dermal fillers courses that vary in difficulty and areas offered. Traditionally Dermal Fillers begins on a Lip Augmentation course which gives students a introduction into Lip Injections. It then develops further into advanced which covers the likes of Cheek, Chin & Jaw Filler. Expert takes Dermal Filler training to the next level covering Nose & Teartrough areas which require a extra level of expertise. 


You will receive approximately 20 hours worth of pre course study material to be completed before you come for your training with us. The study isn't overly challenging and provides the students with all the information they will need, ready for attendance.



You will need to have completed your Basic Dermal Fillers qualification to be able to take this course. Be sure to contact a member of the team if you want to do this training and progress onto our advanced aesthetics courses.


£1000 Inc VAT. Current Price: £450.00 

We require a £100 booking fee (Not refundable) to confirm your booking with us. Booking Fee is taken off course price. The outstanding balance is due 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the course. At which point, pre-course material will be sent out via email.


Liverpool: 6/7 Dakota Business Park, L19 2QR

Warrington: Unit 3, Harvard Court, Winwick Way, Warrington, WA2 8LT

Chester: 9 Hunter Street Chester CH1 2AR


Interested in being one of our model for this course? Check out our model availability here:




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