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Hybrid Eyelash Extension Course

Hybrid Eyelash Extension Course

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 Industry Leading Hybrid Eyelash Extension Course

Course Overview

Welcome to our comprehensive eyelash extension course, designed for both beginners and experienced beauty professionals. This hybrid course combines online learning with hands-on practical training to ensure you gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in the beauty industry. Whether you're looking to enhance your current offerings or start a new career, our beauty courses are tailored to help you succeed.

Course Duration

  • Total Duration: 4 weeks
  • Online Learning: 2 weeks
  • Hands-On Training: 2 weeks

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

  • History of Eyelash Extensions
    • Evolution and popularity in beauty courses
  • Types of Eyelash Extensions
    • Classic, Volume, Hybrid
  • Understanding Eyelash Growth Cycles
    • Anagen, Catagen, Telogen phases

Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology

  • Anatomy of the Eye
    • Understanding eye and eyelash anatomy
  • Health and Safety in Eyelash Extensions
    • Hygiene protocols and safety measures

Module 3: Tools and Products

  • Eyelash Extension Tools
    • Tweezers, adhesive, lash brushes
  • Products and Materials
    • Types of lashes, adhesives, removers
  • Selecting the Right Products
    • Quality considerations and supplier selection

Module 4: Application Techniques

  • Preparation and Set-Up
    • Workspace organisation and client preparation
  • Classic Eyelash Extension Application
    • Step-by-step application process
  • Volume Eyelash Extension Techniques
    • Creating and applying volume fans
  • Hybrid Technique
    • Combining classic and volume lashes for a hybrid look

Module 5: Lash Styling and Customisation

  • Lash Mapping
    • Designing lash styles based on eye shapes
  • Customising Lash Looks
    • Tailoring styles to individual clients

Module 6: Client Consultation and Care

  • Conducting Consultations
    • Understanding client needs and managing expectations
  • Patch Testing
    • Importance and procedure of patch testing for allergies
  • Aftercare Instructions
    • Educating clients on proper aftercare to ensure longevity of lashes

Module 7: Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

  • Common Issues and Solutions
    • Addressing retention problems, lash shedding, and allergic reactions
  • Correction Techniques
    • Fixing and removing extensions safely

Module 8: Business Skills for Lash Artists

  • Setting Up Your Lash Business
    • Legal requirements, business planning, and branding
  • Marketing Your Services
    • Online marketing, social media strategies, and client retention
  • Customer Service Excellence
    • Building strong client relationships and ensuring satisfaction

Module 9: Hands-On Practical Training

  • Practice Sessions
    • Applying lashes on live models under supervision
  • Skill Assessment
    • Evaluating technique and providing feedback
  • Final Practical Exam
    • Demonstrating proficiency in all learned techniques

Module 10: Certification and Next Steps

  • Final Written Exam
    • Testing theoretical knowledge
  • Certification Awarded
    • Upon successful completion of both practical and written exams
  • Continuing Education
    • Information on advanced beauty courses and further training opportunities

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this eyelash extension course, students will:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of eyelash extension application.
  • Be proficient in classic, volume, and hybrid eyelash extension techniques.
  • Have the skills to conduct thorough client consultations and provide exceptional aftercare advice.
  • Be equipped to start and market their own lash extension business.

Enrollment Details

Enroll in our hybrid eyelash extension course today and take the first step towards becoming a certified lash artist. Our beauty courses are designed to fit around your schedule, offering the flexibility of online learning combined with hands-on experience.

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