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Pathway to Injectables is one of our newer and revolutionary courses which enables people with no experience to get into Beauty & Aesthetics. We are the only training provider in the UK who can offer a Pathway to Aesthetics to the likes of Basic Dermal Fillers & Foundation Anti Wrinkle Injections without a 6 month wait in between course through the use of this course and our specialist insurer. 

The Pathway to Injectables course itself covers 4 very sought after treatments in the industry in the form of Chemical Peels, Dermaplaning, Vitamin B12 and Microneedling and is trained over 2 days...

Thats right. In two days of training you will earn four CPD accredited qualifications and be able to progress into the likes of Basic Dermal FillersAnti Wrinkle Injections right away.

Interested in Basic Dermal Fillers & Foundation Anti Wrinkle Injections? See our Pathway to Aesthetics and get a lot more for your money... 


Price: £1400. Sale Price £1000 Inc VAT

£100 booking fee require to book 

(Not refundable). Booking Fee is taken off course price. The outstanding balance is due 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the course. At which point, pre-course material will be sent out via email.

Duration: 2 Days

Prerequisites: None

Accreditation: CPD


>> History & Cosmetic Background
>> Contra Indications
>> Contra Actions
>> Onset & Duration of Action
>> Technique
>> Documentation
>> Insurance.
>> Administration on Live Models
>> Post Treatment Instructions
>> Product Equipment Info


>> Chemical Peels (CPD) - DAY 1
>> Dermaplaning (CPD) - DAY 1
>> Vitamin B12 (CPD) - DAY 2
>> Microneedling (CPD) DAY 2