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Lip Masterclass Course

Lip Masterclass Course

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Our CPD-accredited 1-day, expert lip filler course is the perfect way to level up your skills with the most popular dermal filler treatments in the aesthetic industry. During the course, you will learn various lip injection techniques to help you achieve bespoke outcomes for your clients. We teach lips using needle and cannula techniques and cover everything from choosing the right product to injecting it properly. The expert lip filler courser includes practical work on live models with 1:1 live patients in small groups, allowing you to master the lip filler procedure as a elite level aesthetic practitioner. The Lip Masterclass is the most in depth lip injecting course teaching some of the most in demand lip augmentation treatments in the aesthetics industry.

The ideal candidate for the expert lip filler course is those who have completed our lip injecting course known as basic dermal fillers. The course is essentail before completing the masterclass as it covers all the key fundamentals of lip injecting & dissolving filler before developing further techniques.


Our trainers all have 10+ years’ experience practicing and teaching medical aesthetics. Many run their own clinics and work as key opinion leaders for renowned aesthetics brands. Our team are here to share the knowledge and ensure you are confident to practice.


Practical work is completed in small groups to ensure you get lots of hands-on injecting experience. You will be closely supervised by our expert trainers, allowing you to inject multiple patients and practice a variety of treatments during your training day.

Interested but have no prior experience? See our Pathway to Aesthetics course to see how you can get your Aesthetics career started today.


  • Tenting
  • Microdroplets
  • Philtrum
  • Nano Droplets
  • Hollywood Lips
  • Oral Commissures
  • Russian Techniques


The tenting technique is one of several methods used by professionals to administer lip injections, particularly popular for adding volume and defining the shape of the lips using dermal fillers. This technique is often chosen for its ability to create a natural, plump look that enhances the lips' contour and cupid’s bow. Here’s a breakdown of the tenting lip injection technique:

The tenting technique involves inserting the needle at a specific angle and depth to create a tent-like structure beneath the skin. This approach allows the practitioner to place the filler in a way that supports the lip tissue upward and outward, providing both lift and volume. It is considered an advanced injection technique that should only be performed by skilled and experienced injectors.


The microdroplet technique represents a significant step forward in achieving natural-looking results with lip injections. Instead of injecting a larger quantity of filler material all at once in one area, this approach involves using smaller, meticulously placed filler droplets. This level of precision allows practitioners to sculpt and shape the lips with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring that the enhancement is subtle and harmonious, producing phenomenal results.

One of the primary advantages of the microdroplet technique is its ability to achieve a naturally plump appearance without the risk of overfilling or creating an artificial look. It is ideal for those seeking to subtly accentuate their lips, rejuvenate their appearance, and maintain an entirely natural aesthetic looking lips.


The philtrum lip injecting technique focuses on enhancing and defining the philtrum columns—the vertical lines that run from the middle of the upper lip to the nose. This specific technique can subtly reshape the cupid’s bow and lift the central part of the upper lip, offering a more defined and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Below, we explore the process, benefits, and considerations of this approach.

Enhancing the philtrum with dermal fillers involves injecting small amounts of a hyaluronic acid-based filler into the philtrum ridges. This not only defines these lines but can also help in lifting the lip’s appearance, making the cupid’s bow more pronounced. The technique requires precision as the philtrum is a central and noticeable part of the face.


The nano droplets lip injection technique represents a refined approach to lip augmentation, aimed at creating very subtle and natural enhancements. This technique, often hailed for its precision, uses extremely small amounts of hyaluronic acid-based fillers to incrementally improve the shape and volume of the lips. Here is a detailed overview of the nano droplets technique.

Nano droplets lip injection technique is a method where the practitioner injects tiny, precise amounts of dermal filler into strategic areas of the lips. The primary goal is to enhance the lips subtly without the risk of overfilling or creating an unnatural appearance. This technique is perfect for clients who desire a modest increase in lip volume and more defined lip contours but wish to avoid a dramatic transformation..


The "Hollywood" lip injecting technique has gained popularity for delivering a glamorous, voluptuous lip look that many celebrities sport. This approach typically focuses on achieving a pronounced pout with greater emphasis on volume, especially in the central part of the lips, while maintaining a natural contour and transition. Here's a detailed look at the Hollywood lip injection technique.

This technique involves the strategic placement of a hyaluronic acid-based filler to sculpt fuller, well-defined lips that often emulate the glamorous styles seen on the red carpet. The Hollywood technique is not just about adding volume; it's also about enhancing the lip shape to create a more youthful and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


The oral commissures lip injecting technique focuses specifically on the corners of the mouth, where the upper and lower lips meet, known as the oral commissures. This area can sometimes turn downward as part of the natural aging process, giving the face a sad or tired appearance. Dermal filler injections at the oral commissures can lift these corners, providing a more cheerful, youthful look. Here’s a breakdown of how the technique is applied, its benefits, and things to consider.

This technique involves the precise placement of dermal fillers to counteract the gravitational pull and loss of volume around the mouth that causes the corners to sag. By targeting this specific area, practitioners can effectively create a subtle but impactful lift, improving the overall expression and aesthetics of the lower face.


The Russian lip injecting technique has gained popularity for its distinctive approach to enhancing the lips, focusing on creating a lifted, voluminous appearance that emphasizes vertical height rather than just projecting outward. This method draws inspiration from the heart-shaped lips often seen in classic Russian doll aesthetics, featuring a pronounced Cupid’s bow with flatter volume distribution across the horizontal expanse of the lips.

This technique is distinctive from other lip filler approaches due to its focus on vertical lip enhancement. It aims to lift the lip using strategic injection points at the base of the lip to encourage a vertical rather than horizontal expansion. The result is a more subtle fullness that enhances the natural shape and features a more defined Cupid's bow, giving the lips a heart-shaped appearance that many find desirable.


1 full day of training


Liverpool: 6/7 Dakota Business Park, L19 2QR

Warrington: Unit 3, Harvard Court, Winwick Way, Warrington, WA2 8LT

Chester: 9 Hunter Street Chester CH1 2AR


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