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Social Media Marketing Course

Social Media Marketing Course

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Have you got your own Aesthetics business but struggle to get customers through the door?

Marketing can be a minefield and extremely challenging/stressful for those who are new to business.  

Here at Empire we have developed our academies from the ground up, growing them into 3 successful, flourishing training academies.  Using a number of different methods/techniques we have developed successful marketing strategies for the Aesthetics industry in order to make a business successful. 

We are now offering our amazing Social Media Marketing course to help people taking on the world of Social media marketing and don't know where to begin. As part of the course you will learn all key aspects of social media marketing, how to create your online business and how to succeed in a ever growing industry.


1. Key Social Platforms For Marketing 4. Creating & Optimising Social Media Campaigns

- The Value of Social Media Marketing (What is it? Benefits? Responsibilities?)

- Influencing the Consumers Journey Using Social Media

- Key Social Media Platforms

- Niche & Emerging Social Media

- Social Media Marketing in Action

- Platform Specific Terminology (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter & WhatsApp)

5 key steps for creating Social Media a Campaign

- Why is Social Media Advertising important for marketers?

- Campaign Steps - Step 1: Set Objectives | Step 2: Define Audience | Step 3: Set KPIs | Step 4: Set Budgets | Step 5: Design Creative Content

- Setting up Facebook & Instagram campaigns using Business Manger

- WALKTHROUGH: Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

2. Social Media Business Set-Up

5. Developing Date Driven Audience & Campaign Insights Using Social Media Tools

- Best Approaches

- Setting Up Social On Key Platforms ( Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Business)

- WALKTHROUGH: Facebook Business Manager 

- Setting Up Instagram Business

- Setting Up WhatsApp Business

- Analysing & Reporting Using Social Media Tools

- Benefits of Analysing & Reporting

- Social Media Reporting Tools

- Deriving Insights From Facebook (Audience Insights & Ads Manager)

- WALKTHROUGH: Facebook Insights

Deriving Insights from Instagram (Instagram Insights & Ads Manager)

WALKTHROUGH: Instagram Insights


3. Growing Engaging Audiences

- Meta (Best Practices, Using Facebook to Increase Engagement)

-  Instagram (Best Practices, Using Instagram to Increase Engagement)

- Marketing On TikTok (Best Practises, How can Marketers use TikTok effectively)


6/7 Dakota Business Park, L19 2QR

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