Empire Beauty & Aesthetics. Where did Empire begin?

Our Story

Empire Institute of Beauty and Aesthetics

Welcome to EMPIRE INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY AND AESTHETICS. We are proud to have developed detailed and accredited training courses aimed at both medics and non medics. We believe that our courses deliver exceptional theory and practical training which is consistently maintained for each individual and every training course we offer.

The experience gained from creating and building our clinics have given us massive advantage in offering our customers business support. We know what is needed in machine based aesthetic treatments for the best results, profit and reliability. Entering into this industry like a headless chicken is a disaster waiting to happen.

Our Support

Guidance and support is needed to make your clinic/salon a success and we have all of the weapons at our disposal to make your dream of a highly profitable, high-end clinic a massive success. We will help you grow and maintain your business and deliver the same secrets that has produced 500k turnover for some of our locations.

Track Record

CEO and founder, Glenn Pringle states; ‘Having been in the industry for many years, I have seen a number of treatment technologies come and go. From this experience I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right treatments and machinery at your disposal. The amount of clinics that have opened and closed in the time our clinics have been in operation is staggering! Some of them using well respected machines and companies.

Key to Success

We know 100% why these other businesses have failed and this is why we offer not only premium machinery, but also business strategy and development. Our machine and marketing package are designed to offer maximum profitability and results for your company as well as taking the guess work and stress form chasing customers and eliminating expensive mistakes when growing your business.